Teacher Training

The methods of teaching persons with dyslexia is best done with specialized instruction.  Appropriate instruction in reading, spelling, writing, and math is essential to success from preschool through college. MDI’s teacher training programs address these needs.

MDI's teacher training program begins with the Decoding/Encoding Seminar and Practicum. This seminar prepares the instructor to teach reading, writing, and spelling at the beginning stage of reading development to those students who exhibit characteristics of dyslexia or reading difficulty. Supervised practice and Professional Development classes expand competency to teach language skills at all stages of reading and writing development. MDI also provides Math training.  Please note the basic Decoding/Encoding Seminar is a pre-requisite.

teacher training

Parents, teachers (general and special education), literacy volunteers, potential MDI instructors, and college students are all welcome to attend.  MDI has trained over 2,000 instructors.​

MDI also provides opportunities for Professional Development and training through workshops and classes. For more information please see our calendar.