Our Mission

What the Michigan Dyslexia Institute does:

  • Provides testing, assessment, and remedial instruction to those struggling in school or in the world of work because of their dyslexia.
  • Trains teacher to meet the educational needs of learners with dyslexia.
  • Promotes increased public awareness and understanding about dyslexia and how to deal with it.

Our Vision

The  Michigan  Dyslexia  Institute  (MDI) envisions a new world for children and adults with dyslexia: a world in which they feel good about  themselves  and  look  forward  to  the future with hope and confidence. A world in which  they  receive  the  kind  of  instruction they  need,  in  a  nurturing  environment.  A world  in  which  they  are  understood  and encouraged to develop their potential; and a world  in  which  they  can  participate  fully  in the  work  place  and  in  their  communities. MDI is committed to bringing about this new world.

The Michigan Dyslexia Institute was founded in 1982 as a nonprofit educational organization to serve children and adults with dyslexia throughout Michigan. Instruction used with students of the Institute is based upon the Orton-Gillingham Approach, the oldest and most influential intervention expressly designed for persons with dyslexia. Under the leadership of Kay M. Howell, M.A., MDI has emerged as a unique resource and significant educational force in the state. It has attracted national attention and has served as a model for other states.

  • MDI offers the most comprehensive set of services expressly designed to serve children and adults with dyslexia in Michigan.

  • MDI provides direct remedial reading instruction, teacher training, and public information in both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas.

  • MDI has presented more public information programs on dyslexia and trained more school teachers to teach dyslexic students than any other organization in the state.

  • MDI, through its five centers, is the principal provider of one-on-one remedial reading instruction to children and adults with dyslexia in Michigan. Financial assistance is provided as resources permit for those unable to pay.

  • MDI has been awarded state grants to train public school teachers to teach students with dyslexia, and has been formally recognized by the Michigan Legislature for its educational and service contributions to Michigan's citizens with dyslexia.

  • MDI has participated in a wide range of cooperative programs with state agencies, private businesses, literacy groups, as well as public and private schools.

  • MDI has been a model and catalyst for action in other states, providing advice and assistance to citizen groups that have formed similar organizations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri.

  • MDI has been involved in teacher training in Florida and California, and is currently involved in a teacher training program with public school teachers in Kansas.

  • MDI participated in a joint program with the Lansing School District to train teachers in the use of our Early Pathways to Reading program.