Teacher Education Services

MDI is the only organization in the state engaged in a broad range of Orton-Gillingham training programs whose principal training staff are Certified members of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE). Please register early for classes to permit us to prepare handouts and determine room arrangements. 

PLEASE NOTE: Basic criteria for application to the Academy for Associate Level membership include successful completion of the Beginning Orton-Gillingham Seminar plus three additional observations spread out over the next eight to twelve months and completion of the required readings. The observations should be arranged through MDI with the Fellow in charge of your practice teaching. Note that Associate Members must work under the supervision of a Fellow in order to maintain their Academy status.​

For more information about upcoming classes, please see our calendar.


Teacher In-services

MDI is proud to provide consultation for program development and training for school systems.
Contact your local MDI office to schedule an In-service for your educational staff.

Beginning Orton-Gillingham Training
(Beginning Decoding/Encoding Seminar and Practicum)

MDI is proud to work with Michigan school districts to offer the Beginning D/E Seminar and Practicum to their teaching staff.  

Those who satisfactorily complete the course become Subscriber level Orton-Gillingham instructors and are able to better serve dyslexic students and those with reading difficulties in their schools.  

To learn more about the Beginning D/E Class please click here.To schedule a class for your school, please contact the Abrams Learning Laboratory (Lansing) at 517-485-4000 or the Detroit Metro Center (Berkley) 248-658-0777.

Continued Education

For those who have completed the Beginning D/E Class, there are a variety of continued education courses available.  For a list of available courses, see our calendar.

“Receiving the training was beneficial to both my students and me. As a teacher, it gave me a language background that I should have had when I first started teaching.”

-Kristy Crone, Special Education Teacher